Night Train: This one did not have bed bugs

As many of you know, I have taken one night train before and it was awful. Austin and I’s seats were INFESTED with bed bugs and while my mom sleep soundly, (ear plugs, face masks and all) Austin and I rotated between pacing the cars (until we were told to sit down) and sitting rim-rod straight in our chairs.

I’m scarred.

I was definitely nervous when we decided to take the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai because I had no idea what to aspect, though uncomfortable seats and bed bugs were what I envisioned. I worried for nothing, the night train was amazing!

We boarded around 6:10pm and spent the first hour sitting in seats facing each other (Aspen was across the way) and around 7:30pm we were “put to bed” (our beds were pulled down and set up). Up aspen and I climbed and then proceeded to spend the next hour laughing and whispering across the aisle because, bed time at 7:30pm!?

My bed is that red thing above my head.

After about an hour it really was time for us to start twiddling our thumbs. Because we were second class we didn’t have a window, everyone else had drawn their curtains and so we passed time doing anything we could think of – our goal was to make it to 9pm. I wrote in my journal, Aspen did yoga (yes, in her top bunk lol), we ate our dinner of champion which consisted of a croissant, dread guava and cashews, walked to the dining car, walked back to our bed because we couldn’t sit there without ordering food, I watched people walk by and peeked around the side of my bunk at any commotion. 9pm rolled around, we took a Benadryl, Aspen put on Harry Potter and I put on my Harry Potter Audible, we pulled our curtains and passed out. I swear, I went into a coma. I only woke up once, around 3:30am with a fear that I would roll out of my bed the train was so bouncy, but I quickly fell back asleep.

Around 6:30am they woke us up, back down we climbed and we finished the last hour sitting back in our seats.

It was super easy and awesome, transportation and accommodation in one is awesome for our budgets!

And not a bed bug in sight.

Currently in Chiang Mai. Blog post should be coming relatively shortly…

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