Korean Air: Like a warm hug

Sà wàtdii ká! (female hello in Thai)

Currently lounging in a bean bag after going to the weekend market, eating mango ice cream with sticky rice and sweating more than I ever have in my life.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, all great adventures start with a beginning and the beginning of Aspen and I’s was our 28+ flight to Bangkok — and let me tell you, it was quite the adventure.

On our first flight!

We boarded our flight to LAX at 6:40pm, everything was fine and dandy and uneventful. We land in LAX AKA the worst airport ever (sales tax, no cups for water, lots of people, it’s ugly) and see that our flight is at “B”, which we assumed meant gate B (the gate right in front of us). So we’re waiting around, it’s 10:45pm and our flight boards at 11pm, and there are no people. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE GOING TO KOREA!? It’s been nearly two hours at this point. I get up and ask, turns out we have been dinking around in the wrong terminal the whole time! We jet over to the international terminal, on the way we started going down the wrong escalator and had to run back up it which was pretty ridiculous looking, and make it just in time for our flight to board. Whew.

Now let me tell you, Korean Air is straight luxury. At least for two budget travelers. There were little white slippers and tooth brushes! Aspen and I had no idea what to do so we spent a lot of the flight, the parts we weren’t eating or sleeping, watching what people were doing. Do we where these slippers? Everyone is wearing them so yes. Do we where them to the bathroom? How do we eat this airplane food? What utensil do we use? Are the flight attendants tucking those babies into a cradle!? THEY ARE!

You read that right, they had little cradles that they set up and the flight attendants swaddled and tucked in these precious little babies, who didn’t cry the entire flight. I’ve never seen anything like it!!

After we finished gawking over the TLC the babies received we got towels to wash our hands, dinner (Korean Bibimbap) and then sleep for a few hours. I actually got pretty good sleep on the flight, which I was super surprised about. When we woke up they handed out hot towels to wipe our faces and breakfast. I got the rice porridge thinking it would be like oatmeal… it was not. It was really watery rice with seaweed flakes I could put on it. Sounds really gross, but it wasn’t too bad. Also, throughout the night and into the morning the flight attendants were coming around with tea, coffee, juice, water… A lot of times. It was awesome and a very nice ease into Asia.

We landed in Seoul, AKA the nicest most bougie airport ever, around 5am. We weren’t sure if we were going to get breakfast on our flight, it was only 5 hours, so we got these delicious noodles in this really cute cafe that looked like it was out of the future. At first the person working there wanted me to try to order my food on this computer screen, in Korean, but when he saw I had no idea what anything said he did it for me. I then accidentally knocked all these juice boxes over with my backpack. Woops! We spent the rest of our layover walking around and marveling at how nice their airport was (they had little paths with fake trees to walk through, this globe thing you could stand in) and looking for candy – which we couldn’t afford.

The fanciest airport

Our breakfast in South Korea!

I’ve decided that the cutest and best children live in Korea, they were all so well-behaved!

Once we boarded our flight and got settled they served us breakfast, so now we had had three breakfasts, but the best part was they served us ice cream too. I’m flying Korean Air forever. After 28+ hours we landed in Thailand with nothing but positive feels and we were off to our hostel!

Until next time!!


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