I realize it’s a day late and I swear I was going to write this post yesterday buttt then I ate.. and had a few glasses of wine and then decided that a nap would be a better idea. So! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the first year that I spent Thanksgiving away from my family, far away, all the way down in Mexico where Thanksgiving doesn’t exist. While in Tulum we met some awesome Oregonians and together we made Thanksgiving dinner for our fellow travelers and friends from England and Israel who had not a clue what Thanksgiving was. It wasn’t a fancy Thanksgiving – everything was either pre-made or instant, they didn’t have potatoes at the super market! How is that even possible?! But it was still amazing. Everyone helped prepare the food and drink the wine, we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, and played spoons and other games after our feast. It was a wonderful day and I’m thankful to have had amazing people to share Thanksgiving with.
image image image

Our Thanksgiving family. Photo credit to Jahnel’s (Two Excited) selfie stick.

Of course I’m also thankful for the obvious things like my friends, family, health, traveling and lovely boyfriend. So I’ve decided that list a few things that I’m thankful for that were never on my radar until I started traveling.

  • Calamine lotion and Tiger Balm. I have so many mosquito bites I’ve lost count and I would go positively insane without the relief these little beauties provide.
  • Flushing toilet paper. Seriously never thought about this before coming to Central America and I’m so thankful for the plumbing system at home that had handle toilet paper.
  • Food diversity.  Now, I absolutely love Mexican food and Nicaraguan food and pretty much everything that I’ve tried throughout Central America. Although food does vary from country to country they pretty much revolve around tortillas, rice, beans, and meat. After four months of pretty much the same thing I’m thankful for all the different foods I’m going to eat when I get home: pasta, soup, biscuits and gravy. Yum.
  • Cold showers. I don’t usually take cold showers at home but it gets so hot and sticky in Central America that cold showers are a daily treat.
  • Handmade churroes because handmade churroes.
  • Our Airbnb. After living with strangers for four months, just came from a 22 bed dorm, I am so thankful for our cute little studio in Playa Del Carmen and to finally have our own space.

    Our cute little studio
  • Good wifi. I know this is a “first world problem” but seriously thankful for good wifi which is hard to find in Central America.
  • My Birks. My Birkenstocks are seriously the MVP of this trip. I’ve worn them every day for four months, through mud, in monsoons, and they have never let me down while minus that  one time, but other than that they have been seriously awesome. They haven’t even started to fall apart!
  • Oregon’s delicious tap water. I feel so horrible buying so many plastic water bottles and I’m so thankful that at home I can drink from the sink without a problem.
  • Learning about other countries and cultures from new found friends. One night Eli and I were sitting with four people all from different countries: Russia, China, England, and Holland, and we went in a circle and discussed what we are taught for history in school. It was really interesting to see what eras, countries, etc, each country choose to focus on because they were vastly different.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Hayley


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  1. I have loved all of your posts but I think this one may be my favorite….possibly it’s all the gratitude and how it is at times the small things that make a big difference!! So fun to learn from friends of other cultures as well.

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