I’m super excited to share that I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by my fellow blogger Her Arrow Points North . Her posts are really fun to read and I would recommend checking her out! The blogs that I have nominated are the ones whose posts’ I patiently, okay maybe not so patiently, l wait for and I’m always excited to see what they are going to write about next. They make me laugh, show me distant places around the world, share my love obsession with books, and open my mind to new ways of thinking and looking at life.

Here are the rules:
Thank the person that has nominated you
Include a link to their blog
Nominate at least 5 blogs of your choice
Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination
Share seven different facts about yourself


  1. I absolutely HATE the cream in the middle of Oreos, but I love the chocolate cookies. My freshmen year of college one of my friends felt the opposite way about Oreos and we were the perfect pair. She would eat the disgusting cream off and I would eat the delicious cookies. Match made in heaven!
  2. For six months straight I watched Harry Potter every night before bed. Can you say obsessed.
  3. I’m a bookworm. I don’t just read them I consume them. I will sit in my bed for the whole day and do nothing but read.
  4. This one is along the lines of number 2. When I’m reading a good book I’ll randomly get up and do a quick something. It’s nothing productive – I’ll set my book down and walk into the other room and immediately come back or seriously just walk in a little circle and sit back down. I don’t know why I do it but I will, without a doubt, make some random action while reading something amazing, usually at the climax or the twist. Maybe it’s because I need a quick break from the awesomeness.
  5. A lot of people have little trinkets that they collect while traveling. Mine is jewelry. I have pieces from all over the world and every one reminds me of a place or an experience. I decided to collect jewelry because, come on a girl can never have too much jewelry, I get to see reminders of my adventures every day, it’s easy to travel with, and I’ll never lose interest. Jewelry can be worn your whole life.
  6. My favorite Holiday is hands down Halloween. You get to be anything you want, get free candy, and dance the night away. What is better than that?!
  7. I take belly dance lessons and I absolutely love it! First of all the costumes and the dance itself are beautiful. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun, teaches good posture (which I need help on), and encourages women to embrace their bodies and love themselves. Once again girl power!

Well, there are my seven random fact about myself. I hope you enjoyed!

My nominations:
The Thought Card
Jungles on the Moon
Happiness Loves Company
How to Get Things Done in 10 Way ( think she has already been nominated but I just love her blog so much I couldn’t help it)
Literature is My Porn
Life and Other Disasters 

Xx Hayley

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  1. If you eat the oreo chocolate cookies, I’ll take the cream! So we both get what we like best! I absolutely know what you mean by you consume books! I am the same! And Halloween is awesome!

    Thank you so much for nominating me! It’s always nice to see that people are thinking of me. I am currently taking a little break from awards :/ but I could put it in my drafts, without being able to say when I’ll get to it. It becomes increasingly difficult to come up with good facts about myself hahaha

    1. Yes! Finally another person who fits perfectly with my weird Oreo preferences. No problem girl you totally deserve it. And that is totally fine, there are only so many “random facts” about a person haha.

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