Escaping the Nicaraguan Heat: La Laguna de Apoyo


The struggle is real when it comes to the heat in Granada, Nicaragua. I’ve heard that the heat is worse in León, *inwardly groans*, but unlike in León the beach is not a quick day trip. Although Granada does have the Laguna de Apoyo. Last weekend we took a quick trip with our friends, Siobhan and Lamar, for a refreshing splash in its deep blue waters.

The Laguna is right outside of Granada nestled in a crater. The water is the deepest blue you’ve ever seen and I swear mermaids live in there. We’re a slow-moving group and although we planned to leave at nine we left around 10:30 and arrived sometime close to noon. We posted up and spent the day laughing, sunning, playing on the
floating platforms and eating.

Siobhan and Lamar own a swimsuit label called Lola and Lamar that they design themselves and is completely made in Australia. I love their 90’s throwback style and I felt like a Baywatch babe rockin’ their high-waisted The Ex one piece. I haven’t worn a one piece since.. actually I don’t think I’ve ever worn a one piece and I can’t wait until I get home and I can get my hands on a suit of my own!





Getting there:
Hop on any bus that is heading towards Managua or Managua Oriental and tell them that you are going to La Laguna de Apoyo. There are direct buses to the stop, but the one we hopped on took us to a random bus change in the streets of Granada. The buses are 10 córdoba each. If you have to change buses don’t worry and have faith, the drivers and co-pilots know where you are going. Once dropped off on the interstate cross the street and take a taxi to the private section of La Laguna de Apoyo. We stayed with a homestay and they told us the public section is is not safe. You can also catch the bus but I’m not sure of the exact times.

Private Sections of La Laguna:

The private sections of La Laguna de Apoyo are hostels right on the water front. We went to The Monkey Hut because we had been told that it was the best. The entrance fee is $6 (per person) for the day and includes an hour of kayaks and free inter tubes, along with floating platforms in the lake. They have a restaurants and a pizzeria that makes stone fire pizza for only $9 (which is even better if you are in a group)!

To bring food and water if you don’t want to buy food there. There is a “voluntary” tip that they slip in so be aware of that, it’s on the bill under propino voluntario. Obviously not very voluntary if you don’t know about it. It’s barely anything, around 30 córdoba, but if you don’t get what you order then it’s annoying and not telling customers is just shady!

Getting back:
Getting back to Granada is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just hop in the bus at 4:30 (the last one), ride it to the end of the road, the co-pilot will yell out for people going to Granada, hop off and hop onto the bus to Granada. BOOM! You’re done.

La Laguna de Apoyo us an easy, relaxing getaway from Granada and I would highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading friends!

Xx Hayley

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