We’re halfway through our adventure through Central America, we still haven’t killed each other, I’ve discovered that there are certain realities that come with traveling with your significant other.

Here are ten realities I’ve discovered while traveling with Eli.

  1. Privacy does not exist. You will hear, see, and smell things that you wish you could erase from your memory. When it’s just the two of you, you are doctor and counselor. There was a time when Eli and I didn’t discuss our bathroom activites, but after traveling for two months all bets are off. One can only imgine the situation when one of us has a stomach bug and there is no door to the bathroom, which is located right next to the bed. Close quaters, tropical illnesses, and a constant diet of rice and beans has quickly gotten us over the taboo of discussing bodily functions.
  2.  Always together, never apart. You guys will be together pretty much 24/7 so hopefully you really like eachother’s company.
  3. Sharing is caring. Remember in preschool when you learned all about sharing? Traveling with your partner is where you apply your epic sharing skills. Everything can and will be shared whether it’s a money, a meal or shoving stuff in each other’s backpack. Though it may be difficult splitting an ice cream at first sooner or later you’ll be sharing a toothbrush without a second thought.
  4. There will be fights. To all those couples who say they never fight either you’re lying or this is where it will happen. As said above you’re spending time together 24/7, a lot is bound to get on your nerves. Whether it’s over big things like money or little things like them just looking at you, it’s going to happen. Some days will be amazing and others will be full of bickering and arguements over silly things like who gets the last sip of the smoothie (Eli and I).
  5. They’re a good distraction from homesickness. It’s hard to be homesick when your favorite person from home is with you.
  6. You’ll grow closer. With the awkwardness of bodily functions out of the way and being together almost every waking moment you’ll learn all sort of new, interesting things about each other. You’ll tell long forgotten childhood stories on 8 hour bus rides, learn an exotic dance in a far off country, or take a Nicaraguan cooking class. Not only will you grow as a person but as a couple you will grow and blossom.
  7. It’s important to treat yo’self. Eli and I are all about traveling on a budget. We stay in dorms, research for tours with the best money value, and look for the cheapest resturants. Though saving money is a priority it’s important to remember to treat yourself and your honey. Book a private room, have a nice dinner, splurge on that three day sailing trip. Sometimes we get so caught up in the money aspect we forget about the memories. You can easily make more money but can’t make up for the missed memories.
  8. Communication is key. There is no time or place for mind games when traveling with your significant other. I know it’s cliché but honesty is the best policy. If your mad be mad but don’t just push it under the rug when asked about it, I’m guilty of this. Share your happiness, your hopes, and fears. Tell them about your ideas and plans for your trip. If you would rather go to Belize than Guatemala tell them! If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out at a border crossing and can’t handle it let your partner know. Traveling is way more enjoyable with open and honest communication.
  9. You can still do you. Though you’re together all the time and share a lot you can always have “you” time, even if you aren’t physically alone. I love “me” time. When the weather and safety of the city allows I go for walks, go to the beach or to the café alone. When it doesn’t I read books, write in my journal, and watch movies.
  10. It’s you two against the world. You’re eachother’s confidant, enthusiast, voice of reason, and defendent. It’s just you, your honey and the open road.

What have you discovered while traveling with a significant other?

Xx Hayley

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  1. Love this post!! Funny thing, I just realized about a month ago that my boyfriend of three years and I have travelled a lot, but never just the two of us. Isn’t that funny?! We’re planning on making an us trip soon though!!

      1. Well this year is New York with another couple. Next year is Hawaii with a bunch of couples for a friends wedding. And then the year after that will be Europe! We’re hoping for London, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Italy!

      2. Wow you have awesome adventures coming up! Have you been to any of those places before? I absolutely LOVE Spain, I want to move there some day! I really want to go to Ireland. It looks so beautiful!

      3. I know it would be so awesome. Spain is so amazing! If you need any tips on places to go I have loads! 🙂 That’s so cool you’ve been able to travel to New York so often, I can’t wait to go back. Yes Prague is a must see. It’s seriously so beautiful. It feels like being in a vampire movie.

  2. I’ve been wanting to do a Central America trip for a while now. It’s good to see people having a mostly positive experience when so many people keep talking about the negatives. I have always loved central and South America and its sad that it’s so troubled right now that people don’t think they can go. Hope you both have a great second half as grow even closer by the end

    1. I know exactly what you mean. People talk about how “dangerous” central america is but it’s really not. There are opportunitists in every country and you just have to use common sense just like everywhere else. Some of our friends are going to Colombia and at the beginning of our trip I was thinking how crazy that was because I’ve heard how dangerous it is. Every single person I’ve talked to who has been there says it’s amazing and it is one of their favorite countries. Coming from the U.S. it’s sad because we paint such a negative picture of these countries and only show and talk about the negative, which is a small fraction, and people become too scared to travel here. They are missing out on some amazing countries, people culture. Nicaragua definitely makes it on my top 5 favorite countries list. I hope that one day you are able to have your amazing trip through central and south america!!

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