We arrived in the mountain town of Monteverde after a long, bumpy bus ride down gravel roads and around tight bends. The temperature change was amazing, we were no longer standing in puddles of our own sweat and being suffocated by the humidity. The landscape was green and lush in circled by clouds and mist. In the never ending drizzle we felt right at home.

After a day of strolling along jungle paths, getting completely soak (it’s against our Oregonian nature to use umbrellas), and eating our weight in pastries we signed up for the zip line canopy tour and went to bed with dreams of soaring over the Cloudforest.

The next morning we piled into the 100% adventura van anxious and excited about our adventures for the day. Eli and I whispered back and forth debating whether we had the balls to do the 150ft tarzan swing. See, when it comes to adrenaline filed activities I am the worst. I did the drop zone once at the county fair and absolutely hated, I’m 22 years old and I’ve yet to ride the Tower of Terror because I’m too much of a baby. I’m constantly thinking something is going to break and I’m going to fall to my death. Just crossing bridges sends me into panic mode. I hate heights. So when it came to dropping 150ft with nothing to catch my fall but a rope I was very hesitant. But I kept attempting to remind myself that to get over my fear of heights I’d have to push myself way out of my comfort zone and conquer that fear.

Eli and I buckled into our gear and walked up to our first platform where they hooked us up and away we went flying through the trees like monkeys. At each end there was a guide to transfer us to the next line or in one case to the repeal. We walked across a wooden sky bridge were I tripped and fell, of course, within the first five seconds and lost my shoe. Thankfully it was easily retrieve so I didn’t have to hobble around the rest of the course.

Zip lining was so amazing. We soared hundreds of meters over the rain forest through the misty clouds watching the the trees and valley zipping by below. For the last two, the longest, we got to ride together with smiles on our faces and squinty eyes from the rain pelting us we flew  out over the valley, over houses, cows, men riding their horses, and back into the rain forest through the trees. We finally got to experience what it’s like to fly and I’m seriously jealous of the birds of the world.

We were having so much fun we had completely forgotten about the Tarzan Swing until we went flying by it on our last line. That thing looked terrifying. Just a long sky bridge that stretched out into a clearing in the rain forest. At the end was a platform and above was the rope system to catch you on the way down. We stood in line surrounded by wide eyes and terrified faces while we contemplated what to do. We watched as person after person slowly walked to the platform got strapped in and then let out frightened shriek on the way down.

Then it was my turn and there was no turning back now. I tethered myself to the sky bridge and walked out with slow shaky steps trying to decided if it would be better to take a quick park at how high it was our just never look down. My curiosity won out and I choked on my breath as I took in the drop, OH MY GOD IT WAS SO HIGH! The guides at the end took in my wide eyes and quivering lip and immidately started to reassure me that it would be okay as they ushered me to the gate and buckled me in. That’s when I started to beg, there was so way I could do this, it’s way too high what had I been thinking?! I told them this and they just smiled and nodded saying it was fine while in my head I’m running all the ways I could die and reaching for the panic button. Lucky for me they opened the gate right before I pushed it and I fell with a blood curdling scream.. And it was the most incredible feeling! Falling to the ground and then in the last second swinging back up over the tree tops. I screamed until I had no air left in my lungs and my stomach flew up and hugged my heart. And then I laughed and once I started I couldn’t stop. I cackled like a crazy person as I swung back and forth in the Costa Rican rainforest.

I am so unbelievably happy that I didn’t let my fear of heights hold me back because I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

Have you conquered any fears while traveling? We would love to hear your stories!

Xx Hayley

(Watch the video of our Tarzan Swing on our post Costa Rican Moments)

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  1. Congratulations courageous one. I could feel your trepidation but thank goodness for those guides who were having none of it. You did do a brave thing, (those amusement park rides will hold no fear for you now).
    I’m really happy and excited for you overcoming your fear and still having fun. Beautiful setting for screams and cackles of terror.
    Now on to the next challenge, I can hardly wait – or do you need to catch your breath.

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