Eli and I have officially survived our first week and one day in Panamá. We spent the first two days chilling in the pool of our super awesome hostel, El Machico.

The hostel is an old casa, number 2 to be exact, in the Marbella district of Panama City. We shared our room with 12 other people and thank gawd we were fast friends. The first night we all went to a casino where they gambled away their money while Eli and I stuck a a much safeer option and hung out at the bar. Day number two consisted of yet more time lounging by the pool a very long stroll to the Casco Viejo, which is the old part of the city. Though the buildings were once beautiful colonial buildings a lot of them are now in ruins which gives the old town an eerie, forgotten feel. Night number 2 consisted of yet another Casino in the Trump building. Eli and I got a little wild and bet one whole dollar on a machine and sadly, though we were feeling lucky, we lost. At the top of the Trump tower was a very fancy bar that had the most beautiful view of Panamá and the most outrageously priced drinks.

Pretending to be rich

I was devastated to learn that there is no siesta here which I was really looking forward to, but in the villages there is a more laid back outlook on life. Panama City is pretty busy, as all major cities are, and Eli and I have learned to beware of the cars because unlike in Hood River they stop for no one. The weather is really hot and humid some days are bearable while others you wonder why you haven’t melted into a puddle of sweat yet.
After two days of lounging around doing absolutely nothing we headed to our first workaway in the village of Puerto Lindo.


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  1. I can’t believe you are In Panama hot and covered with mud most of the time but it looks like you are having fun. I’m impressed with how brave you are, have great time. Love

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