August 5th:
After a 7 hour train ride with a fever I finally made it to Venice! While waiting for the vaporetto (water bus) to take me to my hostel I saw another person with huge backpacks waiting as well. After a quickly chat we discovered we were both in the same hostel and decided that we had a better chance of finding our hostel together. After getting settled we went to dinner and sat through the whole meal before we realized that we didn’t even know each other’s names! His is Danny. He’s taking his first trip since his boyfriend suddenly died of Leukemia two years ago and is calling it his “go enjoy life” trip. After dinner we said our goodbyes with plans to conquer Venice together the next day.

August 6th:
On Wednesday (the 6th) we got up bright and early ready to see what Venice had in store for us. At this point I was a little bitter and thinking the only thing Venice had in store for me was taking my money because it’s so ridiculously expensive. It’s 7€ about $9.50 to cross 100 meters of water each way! After buying our very expensive tickets we crossed over to wander the streets of Venice. neither of us had a plan for what we wanted to do so we thought we would just see what presented itself.



The day was spent just wandering the streets, taking in the sights of Venice and chatting. He has been to Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Shakira, and Beyonce concerts. I’m so jealous. He is also an interior designer and his designs are amazing! He likes to design everything in the room including furniture which he builds himself. Grandma Pammy you would love it. He was only in Venice for one day but we will be in Rome at the same time so we are going to meet up again.

Something really cool that we stumbled across was a bridge with a ton of locks on it like the one in Paris. I thought it was a love lock bridge (which it could be) but an Italian said that it was good luck to lock your name on the bridge.

August 7th:
This morning at breakfast I met a girl from Australia and I spent the day with her and her friend. We spent a lot of time in the mask shops and they are amazing. Most of the shops have handmade masks and they are just so beautiful. After a lot of pondering on while it would get ruined in my backpack I just decided to go for it and I bought a mask.





My mask.

Sadly I wasn’t able to take a Gondola ride because they are so expensive! There were so many Gondola’s everywhere and their drivers wore striped shirts with matching hats. They didn’t sing though which was disappointing. I saw two boats with someone singing on them and I think you have to hire them separately.

Thought I do think Venice is really pretty I wouldn’t be able to live there. There are no trees and even in the squares there aren’t beaches to sit down and pass time in which I thought was strange. So you either have to keep walking or sit down somewhere.






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  1. Holy COW, where do i start… The pictures are amazing and your writing is wonderful Gives a good sense for what you are seeing. But, way COOLER is how you are just meeting people and then seeing the country. The word Hostel makes me a little nervous because Uncle Steve has a super scary movie that had that name. I did not watch it of course becuase i am a scaredy cat. I am so glad for you that you get to take this great adventure. Your mother will be arriving soon and i look forward to seeing how she weeves into your adventure. Love you!

  2. Your mask is beautiful. (Think Vegas for a gondola ride.) Your pictures are WOW, as always. Brunetti is filmed in Venice. Onward. Love you.

  3. Hayley your pictures beings back Pam and my visit to Venice we were able to do the gondola ride and the guy running the gondola did sing it was wonderful. You are so lucky to see all these places. GrandPa

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