The Cinque Terre Day 3: Corniglia, Monterosso, and Back

Today I rode the train to the third village called Corniglia. This one is a lot different than the town I’m staying at because it’s up on a cliff and you have to walk up 300 stairs to get to it. I went in the morning so the stairs weren’t that bad because it wasn’t really hot yet. Since this town is up on cliff it is very clustered and the streets are very narrow. I really liked how small and narrow the streets were because it felt like you were in a movie.






While I was wandering I ran into some musicians plays for tips. It was really cool and definitely added to the atmosphere of being in Italy!



Next I went to Monterosso the first and biggest town in the Cinque Terre. I did not like it at all. I couldn’t find the center so it was pretty much just one street the lines the beach. Sounds nice right? But there are so many tourists you can barely move. The beach is so packed with bodies there is no where to out down a towel and most of the spots you have to pay! After walking up and down the street I quickly hopped on the train back to Manarola where I spent the rest of the day swimming and jumping off the cliffs with a kid from my hostel.


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