The Cinque Terre Day 1: A day with Michael

On Friday night I met this kid named Michael who was also staying in my hostel. He had been working in Spain for two months so we instantly bonded over our love for Spain. We made plans to hike to Riomaggiore the next day around 10. We didn’t end up leaving until 1 because he discovered that he had bed bugs and he had to wash everything! In 2011 there were huge floods here that damaged the waterfall trails between villages so we had to hike the mountain trails. The waterfall trails are paved and flat and the mountain trails are the exact opposite. The trail to Riomaggiore was literally cut out of the mountain. Pretty walking up the hood river stair for a mile. They were straight up and never ending. After five minutes of climbing, because let’s be honest this should not be called a hike, I was sweating and thought I was going to pass out. After about 45 minutes we made it to Riomaggiore sweaty,sticky messes.







Of course the first thing we did was reward ourselves with two big scoops of gelato. I got Mango and strawberry and it was soooo good! After finishing our gelato and wandering through town we headed to the swimming hole or as I like to call it the mermaid lagoon. It looks just like the mermaid lagoon in Peter Pan. The water was so clear and blue that you could see the bottom and the temperature was really nice. We spent hours soaking up the sun, swimming, and jumping off the rocks.


Later in the day we took the train back to our town (there was no way I was hiking back) where we got dinner.
We spent the evening watching the sunset over the water while drinking wine and talking about how much we love Beyonce, quoting mean girls, and laughing. To conclude the “quite nice” (as Michael would say) day we had together we wrote a message in a bottle and threw it into the Mediterranean Sea.



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  1. Hay
    the pictures are really good and the boy/man you were with looked pretty good to me. I note the glass of wine comment you are growing up too fast.
    Love GrandPa

  2. FYI: I leave replies and think they’re posting. but don’t show up. I am following you so I keep trying – again.
    Your pictures continue to be awesome and I look forward to reading about your adventures. Thank God you’re in great shape (and determined) so you can enjoy the great outdoors and smart enough to know when to take the train. You make your travels interesting and fun to read. Thank you, for sharing. I would like a lick of that gelato cone and will be looking for the bottle. Who, where and when will it will be found – so cool. Have fun and be safe. Te amo, Abuela

    1. After thought: Do you speak Spanish in your travels through Spain. How about between you and Michael? Will you have an accent when you return home? I love you. xoxoxo

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